Winners, Losers and Incoming Trends for the Restaurant Scene

caWinners, losers and incoming trends for the restaurant scene

I question any person who has not had first-hand experience with the World’s 50 Best Dining Establishments Awards would comprehend the significance of this occasion coming to Melbourne in April. Tourist Australia has actually played a major part behind the scenes in getting this event here and in the process discovering a significant venue to expose the yarra valley wineries and food scene to the outside world. Chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers and worldwide media will be here in droves, and the impact they can and most likely assert, will be big. Expect partnerships with local chefs, cooking classes, local trips and a great deal of chef-spotting opportunities as the greats of the scene roam around the nation as guests. It’s also where you can check out some of the countries most elegant restaurants and wineries.


  •  The standouts of 2016 have a clear objective at their core:
  •  Stanbuli in Enmore Sydney, with its Turkish roots
  • Igni in Geelong, Victoria, with its initial cooking dedicated to fire and smoke
  • Lulu La Delizia, in Perth where pasta is in the spotlight in an adventurous way
  • Oakridge, in the Yarra Valley, where the sophisticated restaurant and winery makes use of on-site fruit and vegetables that talk to each other beautifully
  • Australia’s very first terrific seafood dining restaurant Cirrus
  • Then there’s Fred’s, pushing a new design of hearth-to-plate service idea

We were absolutely overwhelmed by the born again Africola located in Adelaide. A  fantastic example of what a single-minded chef can accomplish who is totally in charge. Not forgetting the Wildflower in Perth that  began  with truly inspired fresh food that was motivated by the West.


The nation has a great deal of regular eating establishments that continue taking our money in exchange for little back. It’s not a secret. Lowlights of the dining year consisted of Adelaide’s Hill of Grace and Versace’s Vanitas, both a web reviewers’ negative paradise, with most comments mentioning them being both pricey and anachronistic. Cape Lodge in the Margaret River region, a place that cannot seem to get it’s catering for functions side of the business right, in spite of the costs.

These make up a very small group of dining establishments I found enormously lacking in 2016.

Then there was a whole bunch of places inflated by the media that appeared to me to have actually been really poor with service and the quality of their food. They are all, as far as I understand, still alive but for how much longer is anyone’s guess.