Why Tasmania Is Your Next Holiday

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Seeking to go somewhere remote? Tasmania, an island off Australia’s southern shore, surely fits the bill. Not only will you find it located halfway across the world away from the United States, but it is a rocky terrain that is largely shielded reservations and parkland. This Australian location is well known for its “bushwalk” hikes; paths range from easy walks into fairly extreme hikes (some with stone scrambling in the top) but afford incredible views.

The best way to actually reach the hard-to-reach areas would be to reserve a cruise on Coral Expeditions I. The small dimensions and limited capacity of this boat means that it easily manoeuvres into regions such as Port Davey, which sees few people due to its distant location. For the less hard-core adventurers, Coral provides a range of daily activities, such as shorter excursions and mini cruises. Additionally, the simplicity of having to unpack just once while the boat does the heavy job of visiting the new hiking spot overnight means your trip is going to have a relaxed vibe–there is nothing better than coming back after a long day of hiking to find a tasty meal, spa, and comfy bed before embarking on a different hike the following day. You will find the true breath taker is the landscape: Tasmania boasts some of the most stunning mountain and shore settings on the planet. Here are the best bits:


Initially formed as a penal colony, this beautiful seaside town is where you are able to embark upon the Coral Expedition I. Come in a couple of days early to visit the Museum of Old and New Art, that is rapidly becoming world-renowned because of its varied collection, such as a piece of “living art” known as Tattoo Tim. Spend a couple of hours in the museum before going into Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in which you are going to see Tasmanian devils, wombats, and kangaroos up close. Stay in the MACq 01 resort, a brand-new boutique hotel on Hobart’s waterfront, which provides excellent views and fresh, locally sourced food.

Port Davey

Among the most gorgeous places to go trekking is Port Davey, an oceanic inlet situated in southwest Tasmania. Port Davey is a portion of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and is a mecca for bird lovers. A hike up to Mount Gilmore, a steep uphill trail, is a must-do because of the 360-degree views of hills and shores. Check out more of the very underrated travel destinations on the planet.

Bruny Island

Situated on the south-eastern coast of Tasmania, Bruny is split by the channel from southern Tasmania. Begin your hike at Adventure Bay and proceed across the Fluted Cape road to the very top, where you’ll find stunning views of Storm Bay and Penguin Island. Afterwards you can check out the Bligh Museum of Pacific Exploration and the Captain Cook Monument for some local history.

Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay is probably the most-visited Tasmanian areas by Americans. Sitting on the Freycinet Peninsula, this place became a national park in 1916. The medium walk is a mixture of groomed trail and staircase. Views of the woods, vegetation, and hills make for diverse scenery.

Maria Island

Maria Island is the road to not overlook for hikers. The trek around the very top of Bishop and Clerk goes via open meadows, woods, and massive boulders, but the scramble to the surface is worthwhile for the magnificent views. You might encounter wallabies or wombats on the way. Make Sure You check out the Fossil Cliffs as well.

Whether your preference is Hobart’s luxury accommodation or the seclusion of Bruny Island there is something for everyone.