Travel Themed Home- DIY Ideas

There’s nothing more rewarding than having the ability to create. There’s total bliss in holding your finished product in your hands. It has an extraordinary impact on how you exude energy, knowing you can create for yourself. You gain a sense of self-achievement, which may inspire you to create all over again. The thing is, making something from scratch may take a lot of time without proper guidance. You need inspiration one way or another. 

In this age of DIY (Do-it-yourself), accessible travel and blogs, creativity and innovation has increased. This post will give you travel themed home DIY ideas considering practicality, personality, and design.

Maps and Globes

Maps are an iconic decoration and design item that says you love exploring the world. The main thing is, don’t overdo it. If you have a large white 3D-framed world map on your wall already, don’t put another globe in the room. That would be a total disaster. Let it stand out by keeping it simple and elegant. Decorate the room around those hues (black, white and grey) and let it be the showpiece. 

If you are a fan of colour and would like a more graphic display, invest in a world map that allows you to paste photos of countries you have visited. Although, you should expect that it will take up a lot of space.

There are globes that light up from the inside as you mark visited countries, emitting a shining effect. As you complete your journey to certain destinations, it could stand as a lamp post in a room adding fabulous glitter and shimmer to the space from where it stands.


As a traveller, shopping is always pleasurable. You need sturdy suitcases to carry goods home with you. Now and then, you may find something more durable than what you had before. Bags tend to pile up, but know that you can stack those that have stable body frames on top of each other. This creates a feature piece within a room. Put together those that have the same style (rustic, funky, colourful and antique) and redecorate your living room.


There’s nothing that beats a corner of memories. There are a lot of things you can do on your own with your photos. You can make a collage, you can come up with a collection of photo books for your travel corner, or you can keep a photo wall. 

Different Currencies and Coins

Travelling always leaves you with coins from different foreign countries. You can frame these all together to stop it from turning into clutter. Spare yourself of the coins by turning it into a cool framed memorabilia item by carefully showing the countries you collected them from. It is best placed in a sitting room, an office, or anywhere that it could be an inspiration economically. Who knows? Maybe this collection could be worth something later on?


Magnets can quickly become clutter since they are compact and cheap to take home as a souvenir. However, if you designate a place for them where it may be showcased neatly and tidily, it may just liven up a room. With colour and a distinct design, they can represent a place.

London has Big Ben; New York has the statue of liberty. Holland has the Dutch slippers, and Russia is represented by its dolls. Find a fun place where you could make an impression by putting them all together rather than sticking them randomly throughout the house.

What could be more enjoyable than indulging in shopping while travelling? Decorating your home with a travel theme doesn’t need to create a hole in your wallet. Whilst interior stylists may have professional experience, these DIY ideas are the simplest and the most accessible while you’re on holiday. So start packing and put these tips into practice as you search for a good buy.