Tips on Packing for Business Travel

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From the 2009 hit “Up in the Air,” George Clooney plays a regular flyer who is just a couple of trips away from making it in the elite 10 million kilometers club.

As a corporate “downsizer,” his entire life revolves around airport terminals and resort suites because he crisscrosses the nation as a business coach providing motivational speeches about the best way to rid yourself of possessions and relationships which are holding you down. To put it differently, how to pack light.

For business travellers who spend one-to-two-thirds of this year on the road, understanding how to pack efficiently and effectively for trips is an essential skill. As Clooney’s character, that travels 270 days per year, says, the distinction between needing to check a bag in and fitting everything into a carry-on is a week’s worth of time spent waiting in line.

While he hasn’t quite reached the 10 million milers club, Quora user Jeffrey Davis is also a frequent flier whose regular trips abroad as a Senior VP and General Manager at Evonik have educated him the best strategies to pack for almost any business trip.

Summarized below are a number of business travel packaging hacks adopted from Davis’ Quora thread.

  1. Ditch the colours: Black is your friend. It matches everything. Johnny Cash was a visionary. I’ve yet to listen to the compelling logic for any sock colour other than black. 1 pair of black jeans, two black t-shirts, and business attire will get you through a long trip.
  2. Never check your bag. Ever. Never check your luggage in, even if you are travelling somewhere for a few months. When travelling use a roll-aboard that fits in the overhead. The decreased hassle of not having to wait for luggage, being the first person through customs, rather than dealing with the nightmare of lost luggage will make you a carry-on traveller. A suit is a suit: 2 is sufficient. Wear one on the airplane using a t-shirt or casual blouse, and pack the other. Also find a pair of exercise shoes which can be casual touring and walking attire. If you are worried about packing the second suit a tip is to turn the jacket inside-out (sleeves get pushed through) and wrap it around softer items such as t-shirts and underwear. This will keep it from creasing.

  1. Do not bother with Ziploc bags. Store your liquids in small containers. Unless you are a chronic alcoholic or have some type of health illness, question the need to choose any liquid that can’t make it through the x-ray unannounced. Save space and take the mini toothpaste they put in your room each night in the hotels.
  2. Splurge on laundry. Look at your trip agenda and be sure you are staying at least two nights in a row in exactly the same hotel at least once in every seven-day window. Even though it’s pricey, resort laundry will get you through. It’s possible to get by on ‘Five of Every’ (five pairs of socks, five undershirts, five pairs of panties, etc.) almost indefinitely if you buy into the Hotel Laundry philosophy.
  3. Use back-saving bag. A roll-aboard with a hook that holds your briefcase counterbalanced so that you could literally cruise a mile through an airport with just a fingertip pressure is a shoulder and back saver.
  4. Test your batteries in everything. Know the ability of your batteries in your rechargeables (shavers, cameras, iPods, etc.). You may be surprised by how long of a trip you can create without bringing the charger if you leave home with a full charge.
  5. Always bring backups. Have a high-resolution scan of your driver’s licence, passport, visas, and credit cards on the SD card of your smartphone or in your computer HD. It is a lifesaver if you ever lose anything.

So whether you are a representative from a small business coaching company or the CEO of a retail chain, knowing how to pack for your trip can ease a lot of stress.

Grey Nomad Advice for Off Road Adventuring

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Grey Nomads would be the budding fruit of this retiree tree; ignoring fall prevention training for outdoor adventures on rough and rocky terrain. They have sold everything to move to a permanent idea of ‘home is where you roam’ and ensure they have their ‘adventure before dementia’. You will encounter a mixed bag of individuals ‘spending their children’s inheritance, 1 kilometre at a time’, however they’re all of a similar ilk, using similar tales to tell and certainly a bounty of information to impart.


Among the most frequent questions asked to me by wannabe gray nomads is “Can I really do the entire trip on the bitumen?” Naturally, the solution is “Yes.” The blacktop may take you to a unbelievable state and to some extraordinary locations … and more and more of these annually. These days, you may get around Cooktown without your brakes getting dusty and increasingly longer stretches of the trail around Weipa in Cape York are bitumen. Where will it all end?

However, those of you searching off-road experience should not panic quite yet … there are still lots of adventurous areas left to see! Most gray nomads traveling with some kind of 4WD vehicle and have a level of reassurance that they are going to have the ability to deal with a few tougher road circumstances, even if they aren’t actively seeking them out.

There’s a large difference between a dirt trail and a 4WD track.; the most harsh of the latter may even require 4wd bull bars and other specialised equipment. Many of the most glorious national parks can only be assessed by dirt paths and, at the great majority of instances, a traditional automobile towing a caravan will trickle them down. In the same way, tracks such as the Birdsville Track and Oodnadatta Track may typically be successfully negotiated by continuous travellers, even people who don’t have professional 4WD experience.

Most grey nomads preferring to tow a caravan or camper trailer in their Journeys will probably be driving a 4WD in preference to flashy sunroof cars like Beamers and Mercedes. The top tyres to use here would depend mostly on the form of trip being proposed. Newest 4WD vehicles have been fitted using Highway Terrain (HT) tyres designed for use on sealed roads … and when you have a hankering to venture down the Oodnadatta Track, or even the Gibb River Road or the Birdsville, then those aren’t for you.


It’s the anxiety of the unknown and the remoteness of the nation that could make such trips look daunting … and this really can be equally clear and wise. If you’re planning to travel down 4wd tracks, check terms with local governments. Roads which were highways one month could be impassable, corrugated sacrifices the following. Conditions change rapidly, especially when rain, and tracks where the graders have lately passed are generally fine but might not be so a couple weeks after. Listen to what other travellers have to say regarding street conditions but bear in mind that things might change and yet one individual’s “highway” is another individual’s “ordeal.” At a bare minimum you should ensure that you have the appropriate 4wd equipment in case of an emergency happens

Obviously, once you are travelling to the dirt, then it’s imperative to check that your car or truck is in great order, and also to prepare yourself for spares, tools along with a decent source of water and food. If you’re towing, you have to be particularly cautious. A couple of hundred kilometres of corrugations may do a great deal of harm to a vehicle which is not supposed to carry the weight of your load.

Bear in mind that you don’t need to take your vehicle any and every place. Many gray Nomads guess their “old bones” can take care of a night or 2 in a tent as they’ve installed comfortable car leather seats at a price that a few nights roughing it is easily done. Thus, they will park the caravan somewhere while they research the more-rocky locations. It is a Wonderful idea.

While you can still have the time of your lives travelling Australia staying in caravan parks and enjoying happy hour beverages with like-minded travellers, there’s a lot of Australia which can only be reached if you’re ready to get your brakes and wheels somewhat dirty. The gray nomad, who’s normally blessed with both the time and the gear to research these regions, shouldn’t neglect to do this because of a scarcity of abilities. The Australian National Four-Wheel Drive council includes a site which provides more info about four wheel driving in addition to contact information to enroll for four wheel drive training classes. As you travel along and get more confidence and expertise you’ll end up excited to find out more and more to do. 4WDing is all about learning what your car is capable of and, just as importantly, what it isn’t capable of.

Most gray nomads expect to push tens of thousands and tens of thousands of highway Km’s in their huge Lap however they also wish to be able to research several off-road destinations. AT tyres deliver an adequate off-road operation and a silent ride and traction on the bitumen. It is all great!

However, most significant of all — just do what you’re comfortable with. A Visit to a waterfall isn’t worth the effort should you spend the trip there Fretting about what harm you could be doing to your automobile and if you’re going to need a pressure relief cushion for the next month to recover from the bumpy ride.

The Huge Lap is all about relaxing and enjoying yourself … so that is just what you need to do.

Getting Around the In-Flight Laptop Ban

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The recently established ban on personal laptops on certain flights entering the U.S. has business travelers concerned about what may happen if these temporary security measures become more permanent and eventually become a standard across airlines. How would the modern business traveller adapt to aviation without the modern convenience of a work notebook?

Electronics luggage handling fees

Chris Christensen, the entrepreneur and digital content writer behind BloggerBridge and AmateurTraveler, has been hit by the notebook ban in his journeys. In his opinion, the biggest problem isn’t what he can do on a flight without a laptop, but how baggage handlers will deal with assessing expensive notebooks, tablet computers and SLR cameras. Turkish Air was handling this as best they could. They checked in each device. They inspected it and place each individually in bubble wrap bags. The bags then went to a special bag, which they hand-carried to the plane. Although this procedure was time-consuming and inconvenient, at least everything came to its destination in working order.


Full-time digital nomad Kelly Hayes-Raitt has been travelling for almost a decade and stocks lots of Christensen’s concerns. After all, her notebook is her livelihood. She predicts airlines will try to capitalize on the in-flight ban on laptops and use it as an opportunity to create money. She clarified that she can envision business coaches advising airlines to react by producing a more expensive ‘TLC’ luggage fee for banned electronic equipment.

More late night travel


Business travelers who are concerned that they can’t be productive without their laptops think they will have to resort to booking late night flights to compensate for lost work hours. Jason Parks, who owns a Columbus, Ohio, digital advertising agency called The Media Captain, is one such firm traveller. He said, I have worry about it, I believe business travelers would adapt by taking flights later in the day. I know this is the path I would take. I couldn’t afford to be completely unplugged each time I travel during business hours. Travelling at night could give me peace of mind I am not overlooking important information.

Airline rental laptops


Bruce Clark, an associate professor of advertising at North-eastern University, considers renting disposable laptops could be the answer to an across-the-board laptop ban. He pointed out that executives don’t need to have their own notebooks, due to potential damage and data sensitivity.


He clarified, airlines or other companies could provide ‘disposable’ laptops which rely on a cloud management system to store and protect data. Individuals would not carry their own laptop, but rather could purchase or rent a ‘shell’ laptop where users could upload data before the airport or download information after the flight. Provided that there is no information saved on the laptop, it is irrelevant whether the notebook is damaged or stolen. This is particularly helpful for those in professions in which employees need that crucial in-flight time to get ready for presentations shortly after they land, such careers include international keynote speaking, motivational speakers and worldwide consultants.

Chris Brantner, founder of CutCableToday, agrees with Clark’s idea of Airlines leasing notebooks: I feel that if there’s ever a complete ban on laptops, airlines will start leasing out notebooks on flights. Some airlines do it with tablets for entertainment purposes. So ideally, you’d be able to take a flash drive or store everything saved in the cloud with mobile data capture, rent a laptop in-flight and get to work.

Work friendly phones and docks


With no option to work in their laptops, many business travelers will probably turn for their phones for basic tasks. If laptop-free flying becomes the norm, it’s very likely that phone manufacturers will respond with a wider assortment of work friendly phones especially for travelling.


Jonathan Rodriguez, the founder, president and CEO of BitMar Networks, believes phones are the ideal response to any notebook bans. He urges regular business travelers ask their employers to provide them with phones which are equally superior quality and intended for business use.


In Rodriquez’s opinion, the best company friendly Smartphone is your Windows phone, particularly the 950XL. It is literally a hand-held computer which even functions as one, when you connect it to Continuum. The same could be said of the Samsung Galaxy 8 and 8+, which can be turned into computers throughout the DeX Station. If Rodriguez’s estimation is correct, more cellular companies may well launch business-centric phones that connect to compatible desktop or laptop docks.

Relaxation and socialising


Surprisingly, some jet-setting entrepreneurs are not at all worried concerning the possibility of future laptop bans on flights. Mary Kaarto, a writer and conference speaker, stated, she would sleep, read or actually participate with anybody next to her.


Eva Doyle, the speaker, business trainer and leadership consultant supporting The Reluctant Leader, stocks Kaarto’s overall outlook. She said she would spend her long business travel hours relaxing, reading and doing occasional work on her phone or tablet computer. Doyle thinks it’s possible that cheap and rocky journey laptops may become popular but also pointed out that in-flight working has not been flawless, the anticipation was that people will do work on flights, but let’s face it, even in business class, working on your own computer is a little pain. In coach, it’s totally miserable. Many business travelers will be alleviated that they cannot operate on flights, even if they don’t admit it.


Nobody knows for sure what the future of business travel will be Enjoy, but something is apparent: there isn’t any possible ban which may quell the Innovation and persistence of travelling entrepreneurs.

Top Tips For Buying Your New Tyres For The Holidays

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Strolling into a tyre display room can be an overwhelming experience with actually hundreds of tyre brands like goodyear tyres readily available, in a wide variety of designs, structure and cost. To make the selection process much easier and more reliable we have actually put together these terrific ideas for purchasing tyres:

new tyres

Ensure that you actually require new tyres.

Carry out a quick visual examination. If you see extreme tread wear, split sidewalls, or any staining or bulging, it’s probably time for a new set.

If your tyres are more than 10 years old, think about replacing them even if they look OK – rubber deteriorates with exposure to oxygen.

Consider the wheels.

One of the most popular customisation choices on automobiles nowadays is a new set of rims. If your present wheels are worn or damaged, you might wish to consider purchasing a new set when you change your tyres.

There’s more than appearance to think about when you buy wheels, however. Aim to match size as closely as possible to the maker’s originals. Even though larger wheels might look excellent on your car, there’s some complicated math to making sure that the tyres and wheels match the vehicle.

The larger the wheel, the lower the aspect ratio tyre you’ll be able to use. In order to make the car handle and turn effectively, the outside diameter of the tyre has to be similar to the original tyres as the wheel gets bigger – which suggests shorter sidewalls.

Purchase a complete, matching set.

Though you might be tempted to cut corners, and just change the tyres that are most worn, contemporary suspension innovation is developed to work best with a matching set of tyres. By replacing all 4 simultaneously, you’ll have the ability to maintain your tyres much better (more on that later), evaluate and repair suspension problems before they end up being major, and attain the greatest degree of security and foreseeable handling.

Examine your spare tyre.

This is a good time to have your extra tyre examined, and get a car tyre repair if necessary. If your car utilizes a full-size spare and you’re replacing your tyres with the very same make, design and size, have your tyre person save the best utilized tyre for a spare.

Maintain your brand-new tyres.

Look for proper inflation regularly. Keeping your tyres correctly inflated will enhance your petrol mileage and will significantly enhance your tyres’ durability.

Utah Couple Employs A Travel Babysitter

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Derek and McKenzie Tillotson are no strangers to publishing their family videos online. But when they submitted one specific video requesting applications for a baby-sitter to spend a year travelling the world with them, they were stunned by the reaction. “We were flying on a trip and we were on a stopover at the Atlanta airport,” Derek stated. “We’re sitting there, just on those chairs, waiting on our flight, and we heard our story being spoken about behind us on the television.”

News of their video spread throughout the world, and the applications gathered.
“All of the sudden we’d get a rise of individuals from Spain,” he stated. “So we understood that our story had just simply aired on Spanish TV or something.” Their year-long trek around the world, with 3 children in tow, is something the couple has actually spent months planning. They’d at first bonded over their love of travel, and were seeking for a way to make such a journey possible.

Their sales jobs allow them to work from anywhere, but their primary issue was having somebody along who might help homeschool their kids – Porter, Beckett and child Wren – rather than relying on whether they would just find a tutor online. “A background in education was a must,” Derek stated. Every application was immediately entered in a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet that we made would’ve read through it and checked the word ‘education,’ with mobile data capture” he stated, while indicating his computer system. “It would flag those that have a background in education, or they have an education degree, as a keyword.”

While he worried over one element of their baby-sitter search, McKenzie was stressed over another. “Derek was absolutely much heavier on the credentials and I was much heavier on our characters matching,” she stated. “They’re going to belong to our family. It would be like having my sibling along. I see the relationship being close like that.” With such a deep pool to pick from, the couple could afford to be fussy. Derek read every single detail on the applications. “I’m sorry, if you’re unable to swim, we’re a swimming family, it’d be tough to have a liability of someone seeing the kids who’s unable to swim,” he stated. On the other hand, McKenzie was investigating specific candidates in her own way, by analyzing their Facebook pages. “I had a 5 image limit on swimsuit selfies,” she stated with a laugh. “It was more that I believed it said something about them, than me being truly stressed over Derek in any way.”

Ultimately, after lots of online interviews, they took the two last prospects on a brief family visit to Park City. “That weekend was great to see exactly whether their energy level matched with kids,” McKenzie stated. “If they get stressed out quickly, as well as seeing how they communicate with us when the kids are asleep, and how our energies interact.” Ultimately, amongst the 24,444 candidates one prospect stood apart. Their brand-new baby-sitter, Alaire Moore, lives right down the road – she’s a student at Utah Valley University. “(It’s) a whole entire year where my life will be postponed,” Moore stated. “But I feel like it’s larger than me. It’s not just for myself, it’s for who I’m going to be, who I’m going to end up being.” As a primary education major who’s had direct experience as a baby-sitter, Moore inspected all packages for the Tillotsons – she’s even taught swimming lessons.

“The kids truly like her a lot,” Derek stated, reflecting on the time they spent together in Park City. “And it was amusing since as she was leaving, she stayed in there in Beckett’s space, saying ‘Tell them Alaire is your favorite. Alaire is your favorite.’ Kind of like persuading our kids. Which just showed me how bad she wanted the job.” The Tillotsons have already sold their home. With Moore in tow prepared to teach English and numeracy now, and to become the kids’ future biology and chemistry tutor, they intend on leaving Utah in July. After spending a week in New York City, they’ll begin their global journey in Iceland.

“I have actually begun eliminating a great deal of things so I can condense it down to one bag,” Moore stated. And although 24,443 candidates didn’t get the job, Derek stated many have not stopped dreaming. “We have had a couple of individuals message us as follow-ups, stating, ‘I just went on a journey to Greece,’ he stated. “We gave individuals motivation someplace along the line to go and take a trip and see more of the world.”

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