Wine 101: 5 Tips for Attending a Wine Tasting

Wine 101: 5 Tips for Attending a Wine Tasting

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The best ways to make the most of any walk-around occasion where you can sample lots (or hundreds!) of wines

It’s time for a wine experience once again at the vineyards Yarra Valley, with two evening Grand Tastings, where more than 250 of the world’s finest wineries pour. So it’s a great time to evaluate some suggestions about the very best way to approach any big wine-tasting occasion. Our staff share their guidance, from personal experience and interviews with other wine pros, as follows:

1. Dress for the occasion

Here are ideas from wine pros for looking sharp and staying comfortable at a wine occasion. To sum up: Dress in dark colors (the much better to conceal spills), avoid dangling sleeves (so you don’t trigger spills) and think about the venue to suss out the suitable gown code. Ladies need to consider wearing flats or low heels for comfort. If you have long hair, tie it back so you can spit quickly (see idea 5) or keep a hand complimentary to hold it back. And if you’re going to carry anything (tasting book, notebook, mobile phone or tablet), bring a purse or have deep pockets to stash it. Carrying a glass around means you’ll only have one hand complimentary for holding a plate of food, shaking hands with winemakers and remembering.

2. Do not wear scent

Odor is a huge part of tasting. It’s difficult to value all the scents of a fragile Riesling or a layered Cabernet when the air is heavy with fragrance, cologne or smoke. So be mindful not to introduce any undesirable aromatics to the tasting location. You do not wish to miss out on the nuances of the extremely wines you’re attempting to take pleasure in. And you do not wish to be the answer to, “Exactly what’s that odor?”

3. Create a plan for tasting

At most tastings, there will be more wines than you can smartly attempt in just a couple of hours. If you can get a list of the producers or wines at the tasting ahead of time, come prepared with a game plan. That way, your taste buds doesn’t get broken.

A basic plan includes browsing your way through the aisles, working from light wines to much heavier ones: Start with sparkling wines, then fresh whites and move on to richer whites and tannic reds. However you can get a lot more focused: A study of the wines of Italy? A relative tasting of only one variety such as Pinot Noir from various appellations? All as much as you.

At the Wine Experience, Tim Fish prefers to go for two main objectives: Taste the classics and explore the unfamiliar. If you wish to attempt the biggest names, such as the Bordeaux first-growths, head there initially before the crowds form; then avoid the busiest tables and fit in brand-new discoveries.

How you determine your likes and dislikes requires exposure to different wines, notes James Laube. He doesn’t just invest an entire tasting identifying the types of wine that provide him one of the most enjoyment. He likewise visits, or revisits, wines that motivate other individuals, if not necessarily him. By doing this, you can get a better understanding of why you like particular wines.

Polish off the night with something unforgettable, such as a glass of sweet wine such as late-harvest Riesling, Sauternes or Port. Laube prefers to finish with Champagne, which he calls the “ideal taste buds cleanser.”

4. Consume something

Tasting wines (and possibly drinking some too) on an empty stomach is a recipe for getting drunk rapidly and not being able to enjoy the remainder of the event. Keep in mind to consume in advance at winery restaurants Yarra Valley, and if there’s food offered at the tasting, take a break to consume there too. Consuming water between wines helps to remain hydrated.

5. Keep in mind to spit (a minimum of the majority of the time).

Yes, you’ll be tasting great wines, and yes, nobody likes to “lose” wine, but those tasting-size puts really build up– and add up rapidly at that. To obtain the full experience of the event, you’ll wish to pace yourself by spitting wine as you go. That’s why there are containers on every table. Unglamorous possibly, but take heart– all the pros do it. Do not be shy, says Fish; the winery personnel are used to it. And if you don’t want to finish a wine, pour out any leftover from your glass into one of the spit pails too.

For pointers on ways to spit, check out this Q&A from Dr. Vinny, “How Do I Spit Without Appearing like a Distressed Camel?” The brief version: Practice in the house initially, don’t do it too tough or too sluggish, and get near the spit bucket. If you’re spitting into a full shared bucket, you’ll wish to spit slowly to prevent backsplash (ew!) or you can ask to have the pail changed out or find another receptacle. If there’s a crowd around the spit bucket, you may wish to wait to take a sip of wine up until you can get closer.

Dr. Vinny also weighs in on whether you need to wash your glass between puts: Not required, unless you’re switching in between red and white or sweet and dry, or had a problematic wine. And if you’re going to wash, Vinny states the very best method to do that is to use a splash of wine instead of water, however water’s not a synthetic pas.


Check out for more tips.

5 Best Australian Trip Ideas

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1. Fantastic Australian experience

Tick off the traditional sights on a 21-day adventure which starts with a trip around Sydney’s harbour for views of the city’s iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Go to Tasmania’s capital, Hobart, for an expedition to Bonorong Wildlife Park on Freycinet Peninsula prior to driving the magnificent Great Ocean Road and staying in some pristine Lorne accommodation. Likewise, enjoy the wine in the Yarra Valley, a four-night stay in Melbourne, seeing Uluru (Ayers Rock) at dawn and sundown, plus a trip to Cairns for snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef.

2. Tastes of South Australia

Wine, wildlife and magnificent landscapes are the very best method to experience a 17-day tour which begins in Adelaide, the country’s wine capital, for expeditions to the vineyards of the Barossa and the Clare Valley. After a visit to the Wadlata Outback Centre, you can explore the mountainous views of the Flinders Ranges National Park, with a 4×4 trip to Wilpena Pound and experience its huge, natural amphitheatre before heading south to the nature reserves of Kangaroo Island with its koala’s sea lions, and penguin nests.

3. Classic sights

There are tours that integrate the traditional sights with memorable experiences including an Outback dinner outside in Alice Springs under the stars, a private wine tasting in the Barossa Valley at the historic Seppeltsfield Winery and an optional helicopter flight over the Great Ocean Road City sightseeing excursion of Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney, a see to Uluru (Ayers Rock) and a full-day catamaran cruise to the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns are likewise included.

4. Emphasizes of Australia

Any trip to this vast nation will just succeed in scraping the surface area of all there is to see but great planning goes some way to meeting the requirements of the time-poor, with plane transfers connecting Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Alice Springs and Perth. Consisted of is a Harbour Cruise in Sydney, catamaran journey to the Great Barrier Reef, a tour of the vineyards in the Yarra Valley, a cruise along the Swan River in Perth, a morning flight to Uluru (Ayers Rock) and relaxing at lavish Apollo Bay accommodation.

5. Onboard the Ghan

Travelling on the Ghan Passenger Train is an outstanding way of covering substantial tracts of Australian Outback in comfort. A crucial feature of this 22-day scenic tour is an overnight “Gold Service” journey on the Ghan from Alice Springs all the way to Adelaide, considered one of the world’s most renowned train journeys. Also consisted of is rail travel between Melbourne and Adelaide, and through Victoria and New South Wales to Sydney. More highlights are Uluru (Ayers Rock), The Great Barrier Reef, and a Yarra Valley wine tour

You can find more about the best ways to get the best out of Australia at

How To Travel With School-Aged Kids

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1. Tape-record their memories

Kalyra has started producing content for our website of amazing Apollo bay accommodation – it’s an amazing method for them to record their memories, but also to learn very important interaction and imagination skills.

She’s contributed to this post on our website and is releasing one quickly on Singapore, produced her own vlog (she does these all the time, yet seldom releases) and in some cases takes control of our Snapchat to snap her view on life (Savannah does too), she takes photos and videos and typically directs the video production, and has appeared in various commercials.

lorne accommodation

2. Load the puzzles and books

School-aged children like doing puzzles.

Sudokus are fantastic for car travel and passing the time in restaurants and long lines. Kalyra and I like to play Boxes in the car. Kara also loves the Lonely Planet for Kids series and the Usborne Travel Activity books.

3. Do audio tours

Your school aged kid will enjoy walking a tourist site with the audio tour guiding them. They’ll be interested in the stories and will learn a lot. A number of these tours have kid’s variations. Savannah even prefers to pay attention to them. They’re also far better at paying attention to tour guides also.

4. Include them in the preparation and research

I say involve the kids in the preparation much earlier than when they struck school age, however at school age, they’re a lot more independent and able to make sensible decisions, but not as far as knowing how to buy shoes online however.

Offer them time (and aid) investigating where they are going so they can immerse themselves in the experience. They can read books, enjoy movies, search sites and play games and even give them the complex choice of deciding what womens shoes mum should wear.

Both Kara and I are now dying to go to Harry Potter land together. She simply finished reading the first book and we saw the film together. How great to have a shared passion with your children.

Always remember to include their interests as well. Kara took up surfing when we stayed in Lorne accommodation (and she’s pretty good), so on our America Unplugged trip, we’ll be discovering space for a surfboard and a skateboard.

What you should know before you travel to Bangkok?

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bangkok image Bangkok,Capital city of Thailand, a paradise for backpackers and clearly the best place for a first approach to Southeast Asia.
I met some travelers who were unable to enjoy the madness and excitement of Bangkok at fair value. But for me, the Thai capital, once “tamed” is one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

This article is intended for those wishing to visit Bangkok for the first time.
I have been there several times and I decided to share with you some tips to help you discover the city.

First things first,get organized

Well, I see you … How come a guy that moves as much as me and has no other purpose than to travel can give you advice on the organization? Well you learn that while traveling, it is very important to be  much more organized
Before you go, plan your way to reach the city center from the airport of Bangkok. It will save you from being overwhelmed.

You should also pay attention to several other things:


You stay less than 30 days in Thailand? You can go there with a simple passport. For those who stay in Bangkok more than a month, you must get a visa to the embassy.

Also be aware that your 30-day visa (issued upon arrival) can be renewed on leaving the country. Just keep in mind that the visa-run (which is to leave the country by bus and then re-enter it after just 15 minutes) no longer works.

Landing in Bangkok in the early evening

As there are more than 10 hours time difference between the USA and Thailand, you’ll want to arrive in Bangkok bedtime. But before falling into the arms of Morpheus, remember it is probably too early to sleep in Thailand and the sooner you get used to the new time and you will feel better.

Remember to book a hotel the first night not to stress on arrival in Bangkok. There are many hostels, but booking the first night will allow you to travel peacefully. The day after your arrival, you’ll have time to go looking for a new home.

My advice for beginners: there are plenty of hostels in the district of Khao San, but be careful not to choose one located on the main road. It is noisy and not really convenient. The Khao San area is known for its backpacker atmosphere. This is one of my favorite places in Bangkok, there are an amazing mix of cultures, kitschy shops and lively bars.

You can book your room in this area via online booking sites easily. On average, one double basic, clean and equipped with a fan will cost you 400 baht per person. For a room, a little class with private bath and air conditioning, an average  of 1,000 baht.

Warning: in the high season (November to April), prices are often in bangkok

Wait until you are in Bangkok for shopping

Bangkok is the capital of the world travelers  and there are all kinds of things much cheaper than in USA like womens sandals. No matter what you seek, you will find it there! In search of a comfortable pants for trips? On a cool t-shirt? From a new backpack or even mens boots or a flashlight?




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