How To Travel With School-Aged Kids

How To Travel With School-Aged Kids

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1. Tape-record their memories

Kalyra has started producing content for our website of amazing Apollo bay accommodation – it’s an amazing method for them to record their memories, but also to learn very important interaction and imagination skills.

She’s contributed to this post on our website and is releasing one quickly on Singapore, produced her own vlog (she does these all the time, yet seldom releases) and in some cases takes control of our Snapchat to snap her view on life (Savannah does too), she takes photos and videos and typically directs the video production, and has appeared in various commercials.

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2. Load the puzzles and books

School-aged children like doing puzzles.

Sudokus are fantastic for car travel and passing the time in restaurants and long lines. Kalyra and I like to play Boxes in the car. Kara also loves the Lonely Planet for Kids series and the Usborne Travel Activity books.

3. Do audio tours

Your school aged kid will enjoy walking a tourist site with the audio tour guiding them. They’ll be interested in the stories and will learn a lot. A number of these tours have kid’s variations. Savannah even prefers to pay attention to them. They’re also far better at paying attention to tour guides also.

4. Include them in the preparation and research

I say involve the kids in the preparation much earlier than when they struck school age, however at school age, they’re a lot more independent and able to make sensible decisions.

Offer them time (and aid) investigating where they are going so they can immerse themselves in the experience. They can read books, enjoy movies, search sites and play games.

Both Kara and I are now dying to go to Harry Potter land together. She simply finished reading the first book and we saw the film together. How great to have a shared passion with your children.

Always remember to include their interests as well. Kara took up surfing when we stayed in Lorne accommodation (and she’s pretty good), so on our America Unplugged trip, we’ll be discovering space for a surfboard and a skateboard.

What you should know before you travel to Bangkok?

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bangkok image Bangkok,Capital city of Thailand, a paradise for backpackers and clearly the best place for a first approach to Southeast Asia.
I met some travelers who were unable to enjoy the madness and excitement of Bangkok at fair value. But for me, the Thai capital, once “tamed” is one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

This article is intended for those wishing to visit Bangkok for the first time.
I have been there several times and I decided to share with you some tips to help you discover the city.

First things first,get organized

Well, I see you … How come a guy that moves as much as me and has no other purpose than to travel can give you advice on the organization? Well you learn that while traveling, it is very important to be  much more organized
Before you go, plan your way to reach the city center from the airport of Bangkok. It will save you from being overwhelmed.

You should also pay attention to several other things:


You stay less than 30 days in Thailand? You can go there with a simple passport. For those who stay in Bangkok more than a month, you must get a visa to the embassy.

Also be aware that your 30-day visa (issued upon arrival) can be renewed on leaving the country. Just keep in mind that the visa-run (which is to leave the country by bus and then re-enter it after just 15 minutes) no longer works.

Landing in Bangkok in the early evening

As there are more than 10 hours time difference between the USA and Thailand, you’ll want to arrive in Bangkok bedtime. But before falling into the arms of Morpheus, remember it is probably too early to sleep in Thailand and the sooner you get used to the new time and you will feel better.

Remember to book a hotel the first night not to stress on arrival in Bangkok. There are many hostels, but booking the first night will allow you to travel peacefully. The day after your arrival, you’ll have time to go looking for a new home.

My advice for beginners: there are plenty of hostels in the district of Khao San, but be careful not to choose one located on the main road. It is noisy and not really convenient. The Khao San area is known for its backpacker atmosphere. This is one of my favorite places in Bangkok, there are an amazing mix of cultures, kitschy shops and lively bars.

You can book your room in this area via online booking sites easily. On average, one double basic, clean and equipped with a fan will cost you 400 baht per person. For a room, a little class with private bath and air conditioning, an average  of 1,000 baht.

Warning: in the high season (November to April), prices are often in bangkok

Wait until you are in Bangkok for shopping

Bangkok is the capital of the world travelers  and there are all kinds of things much cheaper than in USA. No matter what you seek, you will find it there! In search of a comfortable pants for trips? On a cool t-shirt? From a new backpack or even a flashlight?




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